Problem Cause Possible solution
Fryer not operating (Timer or Temperature Light does not come on); oil does not heat up.
  • Liquid was not in the Fryer when the Control Box was turned on.
  • Magnetic breakaway connection is loose or not connected to the Control Box.
  • Household fuse tripped
  • Control Box is not connected properly.
  • Timer or Thermostat Dials have not been turned on
  • Always have liquid in the machine before the Control Box is turned on.
  • Push the reset button with a sharp object, like the end of a paper clip.
  • Reattach the magnetic breakaway connector to the Fryer.
  • Reduce the number of operating electrical appliances on that circuit.
  • Remove SES. Reinstall the Control Box after lifting the Inner Cooking Bowl up and reversing it’s position. Assure the Control Box connects.
  • Turn the Dial on the Control Box to set the time + temperature
Safety Extension Sleeve doesn’t fit inside the Inner Frying Container easily
  • Safety Extension Sleeve’s cut-out is not in the rear of the Fryer over the Snorkel.
  • Safety Extension Sleeve was not pushed down hard enough.
  • Realign the Sleeve over the top of the Inner Cooking Bowl with the cut-out over the Snorkel.
  • Push down hard with both hands on the top of both sides of the Sleeve
Handles in basket don’t go in easily
  • Basket Handle tip is at the wrong angle for insertion into basket
  • Place the basket in front of you like the picture
  • The handle should be in a low, horizontal position with the colored insulated handle resting on your your flat counter top before you slide the end of the Wire Basket Handle left to right into the horizontal round cylinder.
  • After inserting, lift up to a vertical position. You’ll need to exert some force in locking the handle securely to the basket.
Excessive crackling sounds when the food-filled basket is placed in the draining position when the oil it is hot.
  • Water and juice drips from the food-filled basket into the hot oil.
  • Wait until the oil reaches the desired temperature before placing the food-filled basket into the draining position.
  • Be sure basket is dry and ice crystals are wiped off of food.
Locks pop up
  • Misalignment
  • Lift sleeve up fractionally and relock down the spring lock
Oil Overflow
  • Oil has deteriorated and causes too much foam
  • Wire Basket lowered down too quickly
  • Too much oil or food
  • Food contains too much water
  • Replace the oil
  • Immerse the Wire Basket or food down slowly
  • Pat the food dry thoroughly with paper towels
Food is not crispy
  • Oil temperature drops too much because food is cold
  • Too much food being fried
  • Reset thermostat to 385° and fry again
  • Food is at Room Temperature
  • Less food.

Unfried skin around the middle of the finished fried turkey

  • Turkey was standing on an angle and not straight up in basket
  • Not enough oil in Fryer
  • Turkey Neck was Oversized and not from the Turkey being used so turkey tag weight was not accurate.
  • Turkey is too cold
  • Turkey is standing on a angle inside of the bottom of the basket
  • Make sure that both Tied ends of the Turkey Legs are touching the Flat Metal Base. Add more oil to the Existing Hot Oil, but total oil in Fryer should not exceed 5 Qts.. Reheat Oil to 385°F. Refry Turkey for 5 Minutes.
  • Always make sure that the Turkey is at Room Temperature Inside & Out before frying.
  • Turkey should not be placed in basket on an angle creating an empty space in back of basket
  • Turkey should be straight up
Dark crust around the middle of your turkey
  • Too much Syrup/Water solution applied earlier
  • Use your pastry brush with syrup/water on it and gently brush and knock off as much of the crust as you can.
Used oil clogs up my sink and plumbing.
  • Don’t know how to dispose of used oil.
  • Do not Dispose of your used oil in your sink or toilet. If the amount of oil is small, place the oil in a filled sealed jar and place in the trash.
  • Contact an oil recycling company in your city.