Q: Can I use any frying oil in my Popeil’s Turkey Fryer™?
Yes, except for any frying oil that solidifies when it is cool or cold.
Q: What is the minimum amount of oil to use when frying a turkey?
When frying up to a 14 lb. Turkey* use 3 ½ quarts of oil. For other sized turkeys, refer to the Turkey Frying Chart.
Q: When must I use the Safety Extension Sleeve?
When frying a large chunk of food like a Whole Turkey and, anytime your recipe instructions need or call for more than 3 ½ quarts of oil.
Q: How long can I store and use the same used frying oil in my fryer?
For up to 30 days ! Always keep your fryer on your kitchen countertop. And, there is no clean-up of your fryer after each time you fry !
Q: How often do I clean my Popeil’s Turkey Fryer™?
Every 30 days ! All parts are dishwasher safe (except for the Electrical Control Box with attached heating element). The heating element can be washed with warm, soapy water but never allow the Electrical Control Box to get washed! Wipe it down with a wet cloth and dry it with some paper towels.
Q: How can I tell when my used oil is not usable anymore?
Oil will smell bad, start to smoke when heated and / or the color of the oil will be very dark.

(*sticker price tag weight)