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  • The 1st Brewhouse – Best Bar in Pune

The 1st Brewhouse – Best Bar in Pune

The 1st Brewhouse serves 5 styles of revitalizing flavours at any given time. The minute you walk in, you will be taken aback by the aroma of freshly brewed fine quality beer. Drop in for some of the finest drafts in the country, under the aegis of brew master, with freshly brewed handcrafted beer on tap. Wonderful atmosphere and wooden interiors coupled with a fine collection of tracks on the playlist makes The 1st Brewhouse a great destination to chill.

Weekends are meant to be spent with friends and the majority of the youth prefer to have an awesome time at one of the most renowned resto-bars in the country. Pune is a fantastic city where people not only get to witness amazing destinations but also indulge themselves in joyful activities. To have an unforgettable nightlife in the second largest city in Maharashtra, it is necessary to choose the most appropriate place that incorporates the best beer bars in Pune.

The Corinthians Resort and Club has to be the ideal spot for all the individuals who are looking forward to savouring an array of heavenly breweries. It is considered to be one of the best resorts in Pune. The resort has a couple of decent restaurants and bars but The 1st Brewhouse - Best Beer Bar in Pune is the most recommended one by locals as well as tourists. Here, the finest quality beer is served to the visitors which includes:
* Apple Cider
* Belgian Witbier
* Classic Imperial IPA
* Oatmeals Stout
* Light Pale ALE
These are the 5 styles of refreshing flavours available here that is provided to the guests at any given time. The freshly brewed handcrafted beer is engaging enough to convert the overall atmosphere into a cheerful one. The distinctive smell of this gripping beer bar would easily draw the attention of any party goer. People who arrive here find themselves surrounded with a magnificent milieu along with the wooden interiors that are truly alluring. The assortment of tracks on the playlists are completely soothing to ears and make it the best beer bar in Pune to chill and have a gala time with friends.

Revitalizing Flavours

At Any Given Time!

  • Ladies Night
    Every Wednesday
  • Corporate Night
    Every Friday 7 PM onwards*
  • Celebrity DJ Night
    Saturday 8 PM onwards*
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